Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Lazio e della Toscana M. Aleandri


The phenomenon of intentional poisoning of animals has steadily increased, mainly affecting domestic animals of affection. The presence of poisons or toxic substances abandoned can ‘spread in the environment, polluting the soil and surface waters, also representing a serious risk to the human population, in particular children and wild animal species. In 2008, in order to address the problem of the spread of bites or poison baits on throughout the country resulting in the death of animals and the risk to the human population and the environment, the Ministerial Order was issued December 18, 2008 “Regulations on ban on the use and possession of bait or poisoned. ” Due to the continuation of the phenomenon, the Ministry of Health issued a ‘further order with the OM of 10 February 2012, then extended with the OM of 14 January 201 The Institute Zooprofilattico of Lazio and Tuscany M.Aleandri performs various actions for handling cases of suspected poisoning in relation to the territories of its competence