Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Lazio e della Toscana M. Aleandri

Animal Health and welfare

To protect the health and welfare of the animals and for the prevention of zoonoses, the Institute pursues and promotes the following activities:
• diagnostic services for animal diseases and zoonoses through analytical tests and scientific and technical support for the implementation of eradication, monitoring and control plans ;
• experimental research in the field of health and animal welfare, of the ‘hygiene of livestock and livestock products;
• studies on animal welfare, development and implementation of alternative methods to the use of animal models in the trial;
• cooperation and technical and scientific collaboration with other research institutions, national and international;
• epidemiological surveillance of the animal health, of the ‘hygiene of livestock and livestock products;
• checks on the health risks linked to animals;
• training and refresher courses for veterinarians and other operators (farmers, etc.);
• assistance and health information to farmers for the protection of livestock;
• vaccine production, autovaccines, diagnostic tools and healthcare for the rehabilitation and improvement of the livestock sector.



Centro di Referenza Nazionale per l’Anemia Infettiva Equina

Centro di referenza nazionale per l’Antibioticoresistenza

Centro di referenza nazionale per le Malattie degli Equini

Centro di Referenza Nazionale per la Medicina Forense in Veterinaria

Centro di Medicina Veterinaria Integrata – Sezione di Arezzo


OIE, World Organisation for Animal Health
Ministero della Salute

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