Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Lazio e della Toscana M. Aleandri

Epidemiology Unit

Epidemiology Unit – Osservatorio Epidemiologico (OE)


The OE is an operative unit of the IZSLT. The main tasks are: data collection, data analysis, scientific advice and epidemiological research. In addition, it is also the Veterinary Epidemiology Unit of the Lazio Region (Regional law 18 May 1998, n. 14).

Improving Animal Health in order to guarantee:

  • eradication and control of notifiable infectious diseases
  • a high level of Food Safety
  • growth of livestock production
  • prevention of zoonotic diseases

The OE works in close synergy with the other technical units and laboratories of the IZSLT, especially with Reference Centers.
Moreover, the OE coordinates Local Health Units when emergency response or preventive interventions are required.

The OE works on the implementation of National Control Plans, design local contingency plans, education in epidemiology, compliance for informative debts (Ministry, Reference centers), developing SIEV (informative systems for Local Health Units), economic reporting of co-financed European plans, Epidemiological researches in the fields of Descriptive Epidemiology, Risk Assessment, Biostatistics and GIS (Geographical Information System).

OE staff: 4 Veterinarians, 1 IT technician, 2 biologists, 1 geologist, 2 administrative assistants, 2 researchers and 1 fellow.

The main office is located in Rome. The Head of Unit is Paola Scaramozzino.



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