Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Lazio e della Toscana M. Aleandri

Food Safety

Food safety is guaranteed through an accurate production chain control to check the compliance with the food health and hygiene standards.
Food safety is regulated by National law and UE rules covering the whole production chain, from food production to processing, marketing and consumption.

The Regulation (EC) n. 178/2002 is identified as a reference standard outlining the principles and requirements of food legislation, thus establishing the European Food Safety Agency – EFSA and prescribing food safety procedures.

Food safety represents one of the main competencies of the Istituti Zooproflattici Sperimentali and is pursued through the following activities:

  • food and animal feedingstuffs laoboratory examinations to detect microbial, viral and mycotic agents; parasites and biotoxins; chemical contaminants; additives, GMOs; allergens; radio-nuclides;
  • technical and scientific support to the implementation of surveillance and monitoring plans, emergencies as well as to food alerts;
  • experimental research in the field of food safety and livestock production hygiene;
  • research, investigation and implementation of methods and technologies focused on the safety of animal origin food and animal feedingstuffs;
  • epidemiological surveillance on food safety and hygiene livestock productions and farms;
  • food health risk assessment;
  • training and documentation targeted to veterinarians, health staff and food producers:
  • development and accreting laboratory tests;
  • technical-scientific cooperation and collaboration with UE Members and Third Countries as national and international Research Boards


National Reference Centre for GMOs
National Reference Centre for Milk and Sheep and Goat Dairy Products Quality Control (Credolc)

Regional Centres – Lazio/Latium Region

Regional Reference Laboratory for Pathogenic Enterobacteria


EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)
Italian Ministry of Health

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