An Apimondia booklet to celebrate WBD 2018

In the framework of the celebration of the first World Bee day, that took place on May 20 2018 in Slovenia, the BPRACTICES team contributed to the drafting of the booklet “Apimondia. Working for the benefit of bees and apiculture”.

With this flagship publication, Apimondia intended to express of apicultural issues at stake, of the various and most important themes that revolve around the apicultural sector in different scientific domains as well as geographical regions.

BPRACTICES researchers prepared the section “Good Beekeeping Practices (GBPs) and disease prevention”, arguing that the improvement of beekeeping management will increase honeybee health and bee product quality, and enhance the competitiveness and resilience of the apicultural sector at all levels.

Read more: download the publication

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