The BPRACTICES video is out!

What is BPRACTICES all about? A new video explains BPRACTICES project and which results have been achieved across Europe to enhance good beekeeping practices based on sustainable and science-based raccomandations. Watch the video

BPRACTICES leaflet. New languages online

Do you want to learn more about the BPRACTICES project? BPRACTICES leaflet is now available in 8 languages. Go to the Dissemination section to download them.

An Apimondia booklet to celebrate WBD 2018

In the framework of the celebration of the first World Bee day, that took place on May 20 2018 in Slovenia, the BPRACTICES team contributed to the drafting of the booklet "Apimondia. Working for the benefit of bees and apiculture". With this flagship... Leggi tutto »

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