Traceability system

The BPRACTICES project is characterised by the development of an innovative traceability system based on QRCode/RFID technology and a user-friendly web application, which will interact with producers and consumers.


Beekeepers, using the web application, will be informed on the innovations proposed with the new management system developed, continuously updated by the project partners. The application will also provide a long-lasting system able to record apiary management data (e.g. colony strength, queen’s performances) and act as a surveillance system (recording diseases presence and showing distribution maps). It will also stimulate breeders to prevent diseases and adopt the best GBPs depending on the local conditions (guidelines), increasing their skills in favour of higher product quality and quantity. The same web application will also have an interface to be used during the hive product processing to help beekeepers to maintain product traceability.


Finally, consumers, accessing the application directly from the jar, will be educated to responsible consumption and will be made aware of the benefits of consuming a product deriving from an environmentally friendly management, increasing the development of local productions. Moreover, the positive environmental impact of beekeeping and the ecosystem services provided by the bees will be pointed out in the web application.

The traceability system will be implemented on the basis of the recommendations of a consumers’ panel, that will be carried out by means of adequate social research techniques. Data on consumers’ knowledge and perceptions will be collected to identify the weaknesses and the strengths of the traceability system and will be crucial to promote and sensitize the public on the project issues.

Traceability system

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