Good beekeeping guidelines

Output of the BPRACTICES project will be the definition of good beekeeping practices (GBPs). 

Thanks to the combined work of the partners involved, the best cross-EU GBPs for the proper honeybee colonies management will be identified. Specifically, diseases such as varroasis and viruses, American and European Foulbrood (AFB and EFB), Nosema, and Aethina tumida will be considered in developing new management practices and feasible and practical diagnostic methods to properly prevent and control the main bee diseases.

The identification and validation of proper Good Beekeeping Practices will include the application of new and revolutionary diagnostic techniques like biosensors from honey and PCR analyses from hive debris, protecting the honeybee health and avoiding in the meantime the application of chemical treatments guaranteeing quality and safety of hive products.

The news GBPs will be validated on-farm at the apiary level under practical conditions. In the wake of the collaboration with beekeepers, the GBPs will be approved and their applicability both for professional and for hobbyist beekeepers will be verified through the use of a checklist. A compliance and feasibility study of the new management system will be published.

GPBs will be available for download on this page. 

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