Tailored communication interventions will promote and disseminate the project activities and results to all the actors concerned. Activities will be organised to span the duration of the project, ensuring to the project high profile and appropriate visibility both at national and international level. Dissemination will follow three modalities depending on the final recipient: researchers, beekeepers, and consumers.

All project partners will collaborate to communication activities, that will benefit of the involvement of Apimondia and FAO TECA.

In this section, all communication materials with both scientific and educational purpose will be published.

Presentations and publications

Honey bee health Symposium 2019 “New approaches to honey bee health” | Rome, 13th-15th February 2019

  • Good Farming Practices in Apiculture (Good Beekeeping Practices – GBPs) (poster, proceedings)
  • Biosecurity Measures in European Beekeeping (poster, proceedings)

3rd Scientific symposium on bees and beekeeping (4-5 October 2018, Ljubljana)

  • VarroMed® performances in Southern Europe for Varroa destructor control in honeybee (Apis mellifera) colonies during winter (proceedings, p. 105)
  • Powder sugar as new matrix for diagnosis of honeybee (Apis mellifera) viruses in the context of the Good Beekeeping Practice of the varroa infestation level assessment (proceedings, p. 124)
  • Good Beekeeping Practices: first attempt of definition, classification and evaluation at the international level (proceedings, p.128)

14th COLOSS Conference 2018 (16-17 September 2018, Ghent – Belgium)

  • Monitoring of “preclinic indicators” as innovative good beekeeping practices in apiculture (poster, proceedings).

8th EurBee Congress of Apidology

  • BPRACTICES and Hivelog web application for honey bee products traceability (poster)
  • BPRACTICES: first attempt of definition of Good Beekeeping Practices (GBPs) (poster)

1ST SusAn COFUNDED Projects Seminar (23-24 November 2017, Bilboa – BC, ES)

45th Apimondia Congress (Istanbul, 2017)

BPRACTICES Kick-off meeting


  • Marco Pietropaoli, Maja Smodis Skerl, Joseph Cazier, Marie-Pierre Riviere, Barbara Tiozzo, Roberto Eggenhoeffner, Ales Gregorc, Walter Haefeker, Mariano Higes, Alexandra Ribarits, Mustafa Necati Muz, Flemming Vejsnæs & Giovanni Formato (2020) BPRACTICES Project: Towards a Sustainable European Beekeeping, Bee World, 97:3, 66-69, DOI: 10.1080/0005772X.2020.1757220 | PDF
  • Rivera-Gomis, J.  et al. (2019). Good farming practices in apiculture, Plurithematic issue of the Scientific and Technical Review, 38(3) 2019 | PDF
  • Pietropaoli, M., Jannoni Sebastianini, R. & Formato, G. (2019). “Apicoltura: sondaggi FAO Partecipa!”, Rivista nazionale di apicoltura Apinsieme, dicembre 2019 | PDF
  • Rivera-Gomis, J. et al. (2018). Good Beekeeping Practices (GBPs) and disease prevention, in “Apimondia. Working for the benefit of bees and apiculture”, released within the framework of the first World Bee Day (May, 20 2018) | PDF
  • FAO TECA “Main bee diseases: good beekeeping practices” | PDF
  • La proposta del progetto europeo BPRACTICES | PDF
  • Apiculture durable: proposition du projet européen (BPRATICES) “Nouveaux indicateurs et pratiques apicoles en Europe pour améliorer la santé des abeilles mellifères dans le domaine de la recherche européenne à l’ère d’Aethina tumida” [New indicators and on-farm practices to improve honeybee health in the Aethina tumida ERA in Europe] | La santè de l’abeille, n. 285
  • Rivera-Gomis, J., Gregorc, A., Ponti, A. M., Artese, F., Zowitsky, G., & Formato, G. (2016). Monitoring of Small Hive Beetle (Aethina Tumida Murray) in Calabria (Italy) from 2014 to 2016: Practical Identification Methods. Journal of Apicultural Science, 61(2), 257-262 | PDF

Communication materials

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